Part 8: The Left Coast

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Part 8: The Left Coast

Post by Howie Feltersnatch on March 1st 2010, 1:16 pm

Welcome back for the next chapter in the adventures of XXXX!

In this installment, we will be primarily haunting the left coast and
working normal jobs to level up some more, building stats and some
skills needed for our T1 class. We will initially be moving back and
forth between Aleas and Wildhowl with a stop in Lumina every now and
then to do some crafting and then a little later, we will be bouncing
between Wildhowl and Skyrift, slaying many spirits along the way. We
will learn about Willpower defenses and Spirit attacks in this lesson as
well. Building Willpower is a good thing, it gives spirit points so we
can grow our deck and put in even more extra attacks and spank more

When I left you last, I just did some PvP in Aleas and was waiting on a
buddy to run the colossus with. So once again, we find ourselves
waiting on a reset.


Ran the colossus to boost my weaker weapons, as usual. Worked as a
Silver Lieutenant to work on my required discipline skill (for my T3
class). Moved to Wildhowl and ran the mansion. Won the first 3 but had
to fight the boss twice.

Did some PvP tonight against all the 17s and 16s in Wildhowl until I ran
out of AP. Just another quick reminder that fighting the higher level
guys saves you 1 AP per level difference. Saving 3 points per fight is
awesome and it adds up to extra fights. I didn't lose any and my soul
fragment total is up to 31 now. At this rate, I'll have to hop over to
Lumina soon just to trade-in and free up some inventory. Not really a
bad thing at all. Of course, when that time comes, we'll use our trick
of working to move back so we don't miss any sessions here against the
vamp boss.


Raided the Manor this morning and nothing else.


Raided the Manor and worked as an apprentice Logger. Taking this job
did 3 things for me:

1) As always, helped me toward my next level

2) Gave me 7 Points in logger R1 so I don't actually have to gather to
start that skill up

3) It increased my Power by 4 and still gave me 1 Dex point for my
primary, giving me a little boost in my Power score so I could use just a
few more weapons in my inventory

The only thing left to do today is to go through my deck and change it a
little to use some of these decent level 14 drops I've been getting.
Remember, to make this task easier, use 'View your charms' in the
drop-down menu under your characters name and archive the weaker charms
so they are not in your list when you do deck building. I'm staying
right here for now and will probably do some more PvP later tonight.


It's been 2 days since I updated. I don't remember everything I did but
it included some PvP, another run on the Abandoned manor, a move to
Aleas for another run on the colossus to build my weaker combat skills
and moving back to Wildhowl through Lumina in which I forgot that I was
there to do some PvP crafting. I used my job to moved back to Wildhowl,
ran the manor and did more PvP.


Another run on the manor and I used my move to go to Aleas. Started a
colossus session but nobody to do it with yet. No worries, I'll just
let it sit until after the reset. Waiting for the move reset and
another round trip from Aleas and Lumina. This time, I have to remember
to do some PvP crafting since my inventory is getting full.


Did some PvP in Aleas this morning, remembering to leave myself some
points to do the manor later. The bounty really paid off because I had 4
won PvP sessions this morning when I logged in and my self-defense is
now maxed. Once this bounty is gone, I can lay off until level 20. Now
I will work to move to Lumina and spend some of these 64 soul fragments
I have in my inventory. I will be crafting more level 17 items from
the PvP shop. I think I will buy a few Warrior's will charms to deal
with all the ghosts coming up soon - they have spirit attacks and these
charms both buff your melee and give you willpower. Also , the rune on
these charms is Will and not Tech, so this should help me build up my
willpower skill as we continue to move along and grow.

Used my regular move to head back to Wildhowl, raided the manor, gained a
level due to combat skill-ups and now halfway to level 16. Did some
PvP and even tested out Amber, it's the only one I lost - mostly because
she took my advice on extra action cards and even threw out a spirit
charm that made me discard one of my extra actions. It was close even
though she is level 18 and I'm 15... Good one Amber .


Raided the manor, had to fight the boss twice due to bad draw order.
Meh... No PvP this morning, need to save my points for the reset.
Once again, I will make a run to Aleas and back using my move/work.

Also, now that I'm level 15, I entered some Coliseum matches to start
building those skills. In doing so, I also realize I need to get back
up to Eclis to farm 3 more Quick Blades so I'm changing my plans to take
care of that after the next reset. Because of my super-duper traveling
abilities, I can get there today! See, aren't you glad you leveled up
Horseriding now? 3 cities away and I'll be there right after the reset.
So the new plan is to:

1) Raid the manor 1 last time

2) Move to Aleas and beat up the colossus.

3) Use my job to ride to Eclis and farm Thunderrock for Quick Blade x3


Raided manor, moved to Aleas, used my special deck to build weaker
skills and then worked to go to Eclis. Ran Thunderock in Eclis - no
damn quick blades... bummer. Setup a special deck for an attempt to
work on burst the burst skill. This is so hard to get at higher levels
because you have to nuke 1/3 of an opponent's hit points in a single
attack. An easy way to gain many combat skills is in the Arena. I
setup a deck with +15 melee buffs x 10 in hopes that I get multiples ans
get the 1/3 HP. This is my deck to take on Seasoned Fighter in the
Arena in Eclis: (note that not all opponents are available in every
city, some of them do change from city to city)

28/28 charm slots

Wide Swing x5

Iron Kneepad x5

Terrine's Stone Bracers x5

Shifting Blades x5

Mind Shelter x1

Summon Imp x2

Quick Glyph x1

Ornate Bronze Shield x1

Brawler's Lance x3


Gear 'Burst' (28 charms)

Melee: 51 + 155 (15% P)

Shifting: 90 (45% P)

Armor: 75 + 15 cumulative

Ward: 115

Willpower: 2

Extra attacks: 6

Summons: 2

Only enough AP for 2 runs and no burst skill gained.


Raided Thunderock, no quick blade again. Did some arena and got 10
burst skill in 5 fights. Burst is one of those skills that comes in 5
point skill-ups. Also built some spear skill and a few Iron Will.
Worked a normal job to help me level up and continue to build my stats
in preparation for my Level 20 T1 class.


Raided Thunderock - Quick Blade x1! 2 More and I can leave. Did a
little more Arena to build burst skill, getting closer at 55/100 now. I
only get the skill when the charms play out just right so only 1 in 6
fights gives me points in that.


Raided Thunderock - no goody. I just need 2 more to move on and will
not budge from here until I get them. Did some more Arena for burst
training, got nothing there either. I think I will wait until i get my
Level 17 weapons before trying this again.


Woo hoo! I just need 1 more now. I also decided to do some PvP. I
figured while I was at it, I may as well use my burst training deck to
try gaining more skill in that. So I picked somewhat weaker opponents
between levels 16 to 18. Up to 85/100 now! I had my move left and
since I really couldn't do another raid in Eclis, I went ahead and moved
to Inachis so I could spend my 30 soul fragments on Warrior's Daggers

Looking at my stats, I just realized I've strayed a little on my CON.
So I will take a job that boosts that stat more than any other for the
next few days.


Worked, moved back to Eclis. Got my last quick blade - yeah! And only 5
more stat point until I'm level 17. Woo Hoo!


More PvP this morning since I no longer need Quick Blade. Used all my
AP working on burst in PvP. Lost a few because of trying to skill-up
and not using my primary deck. Also changed my deck slightly so I could
work on some Summoning skill. Got burst Rank 1 - yeah! Will be level
17 today after reset and working.


Worked to get my stats back on track and gained a level (17 now). Moved
to Inachis to do some crafting. Fought in the Arena to work on my
skills. A very small amount of gathering to start leveling those.


More Arena and gathering since I'm stuck here.


Used my work to get to Skyrift - time for some l17 ghost mine raids back
on the left coast. Still have my move. Built a willpower deck for the
mine raids. Used same deck on all 4 fights. Good willpower building.


Raided ghost mine, more good willpower building. Will move to wildhowl
to run the manor again. Since I'm l17 and it's a l15 dungeon, I still
get skill-ups from it. Might get some good drops, but definitely some
good selling stuff. Also, since the guild is currently building a guild
hall expansion, this will give me a chance to buy some ley wood for the
big Build skill bonus. From the charm vendors, I also bought some
holy, earth and sword to help me work on skills.


Raided ghost mine again, blew right through with the same deck in every
fight. Building Iron Will skill quickly, which is good, because it
comes with +1 Spirit. Sold off my crap, etc. etc... you should be
quite familiar with the drill by now.


Ghost Mine, PvP x2 trying to build burst skill (won but failed to gain
burst) and now out of AP.


Ghost Mine, Some PvP trying out a new deck. I meant to do skirmish mode
but forgot and lost a few fights before I noticed. Oops! So for my
new deck, I went through my skills list and only added charms I needed
skill in. Since many of these are not my primary or secondary, the stat
requirements mean I don't exactly have access to use the best weapons
in those categories, but it's good enough to take out guys at level 18
with PvP scores in the low 1500's. Works for me! Some PvP for some
skills and a soul fragments to boot!


Ghost Mine... Getting close to Iron Will R1! Had enough AP for 1 PvP
using by skill deck.


Haven't updated for a few days but basically, the same old thing. Ghost
mine is building Iron Will while my PvP is building everything else I'm
weak in. Selling off all my crap but now I already have 36 soul
fragments to spend.


Same old, same old... More raids on the mine but alas, our stint on the
left coast must come to an end. Now that I am level 19 and approaching
20 fast, tomorrow morning will be my last raid on the mine and then
after the move reset tomorrow afternoon, I will use my job to move to
Lumina. While there, I will use my soul fragments to do the last of my
crafting of items in this level. I'm not even actually sure that there
will be anything I need but I'm sure I'll find some way to craft with
most of them and sell the rest for $$$.

I'm not going to write again until after the move reset and I'll do that
in my next thread:

Part 9: So you're almost Level 20

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