Part 2: Leaving Inachis

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Part 2: Leaving Inachis

Post by Howie Feltersnatch on March 1st 2010, 12:40 pm

Welcome back to the world of Estiah! Let's continue our tutorial by
starting out with our job and raiding the Sewer dungeon again of you
haven't already.

If you can cloak another rat cloak, go ahead, they come in handy at this
low level.

OK, next order of business is to leave Inachis. You should be level 3
now and allowed to travel to Aleas or Eversweep. For today's lesson,
we're going to choose Eversweep. One reason for this is that after
tomorrow's reset, we will travel once again to Inachis on our way to
Eversweep and complete 2 more raids into the Sewer.

Go ahead and move to Aleas now.

Time to make a deck now for a special purpose. This is the first time
of many that we will do so along our way. First, go to the Level 4
Dungeon Holy Grace Square and take a look at the opponents in the first
of 4 fights in this raid. It appears that you will be fighting 4
swordsmen - which we can guess means Melee attacks. It sure would be
nice to have some focus charms right now for multiple opponents but not
really necessary - we'll discuss focus later in Part 3). Do take note
however, of the lesson learned here about what protect does for you.

So let's take Default Gear 3 and make a custom deck for this fight. You
should have some OK charms from the Serwer runs now. This is the deck I

Melee Opponent

19/19 charm slots

Small Ice Wand x3

Bronze Helm x4

Spark Wand x1

Pair of Stone Swords x2

Rat Flail x2

Large Bone x5

Frost Wand x2


Gear 'Melee Opponent' (19 charms)

Melee: 60 (9% P)

Magic: 29 (28% P)

Armor: 44

So, I win my first fight and then move on to the 2nd through 4th without
even looking back. You shouldn't have too much trouble. If you have
any action points left, try out PvP against some guys.

After the 1 AM reset (for me, this will be tomorrow morning when I get
up) repeat the Dungeon using the same deck or feel free to tweak it if
you pick up some good drops to replace other stuff you have. Save 60
points to do it again after the 1 PM reset before we move back to

Alrighty... It's morning for me now and I have 108 action points to
spend. I just went to the wiki to see what the drops were for Holy
Grace Square
- the drops are not really anything I'm interested in, so I think I'll
spend some points to do PvP. Keep in mind that you'll need 60 points to
do the Sewer in Inachis after the move reset at 1 PM. You will get 20
points every odd hour and for me it's 10 AM so I have 40 more points
coming so I need to save at least 20. OR... You could spend them all
while still in the PvP city and then do the sewer late at night, before 1
AM - your choice.

Time for PvP!!! Check your PvP deck before you start, I go 100%
offense. Look for people who have ratings below 1500 at level 5 (or if
you're ballsy like me, level 6) and try them out first. The jump down
to level 4. Finally, beat up some people level 3 like you, avoid high
PvP ratings. Many will probably still be 1500 because they have no idea
what they are doing - they don't have this handy guide to go by. You
should hopefully win 70% or better but don't worry if you lose some. I
got a little bold and won only 4. The 4 I won helped build my Courage
skill because they were at least 2 levels higher than me, 2 were level
6. I hope they were embarrassed having a level 3 beat them up. Anyway,
I have 8 Soul Dust in my inventory now - woo hoo! Not as many as I
could have had, but courage is much easier to build now rather than

Next action is the return move to Inachis following the move reset. I
went ahead and worked before I moved because there was a job that had
the discipline skill and not only do I need Discipline, but the stat
gains from the job matched what I need to train. Now go ahead and move
back to Inachis and raid the Sewer again, work if you need to. Go ahead
and make some more rat cloaks if you'd like when you complete the
dungeon again. These will come in handy when we start training
Spirtuality. If you want to, you can go check out the items in the Soul
Dust crafting shop. You can even buy some of them in advance now if
you'd like. I had enough to buy 1 frost item.

Continued in Part 3...

Howie Feltersnatch
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