Part 1: Starting out in Inachis

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Part 1: Starting out in Inachis

Post by Howie Feltersnatch on March 1st 2010, 12:38 pm

Borrowed from another guild so shhhhh!!!

Create a new character

1) Use this link to register:
(For Howie if you are so inclined)

Fill in the xxxxx with the character ID of someone else's character, but
not one of your own as that breaks the rules.

2) Confirm your registration via email

Start your first Dungeon

Your character will start in the city of Inachis with 240 action points.
In the text menu, under action points, choose the Inachis Sewers

You should be able to complete the first 3/4 battles with default gear
1, do so now, but do not fight the Rat King yet or you will lose.

Now go the the city market and go to the charm Bazaar. Buy 3 'Small
Glyph' Warding charms and 2 'Large Bone' maces.

Now go to your gear page and Change the name of 'Default Gear 2' to
'Defense'. This can be done by clicking on the name in the lower right
pane where your gear is listed.

Using the menu on your left, add the 2 large bones and the 3 warding
charms to your gear and then click the save button back on the right

Now go to the arena and fight the level 1 sewer rat multiple times using
the defense deck - make sure you use the defense deck by dropping down
your gear choices and selecting the correct deck. NOTE: Save at least
30 action points left when you are finished, do not spend all of them
here yet, we need 15 to fight the rat king in a minute with an extra 15
to spare in case you need to try twice.

Now you should have some more gold, so go back to the charm bazaar and
buy 3 more large bone maces. Add these to your default gear 1 and
rename it 'Attack'. While you're here, go ahead and set the default
attack and defense decks by clicking on the appropriate category in the
top pane where all 4 gear stats are listed.

NOW you should be able to beat the Rat King with your attack deck.
Congarts!!! You just beat your first Dungeon. Keep all the rat hair
and rat fur you got during the dungeon, we will be using these items for
crafting some good low level gear - the rat cloak! Go ahead and use
your remaining points and fight Weakened Imp in the arena with your
defense deck.

Choose Your Class Path

This is one of the most important choices you will make and it will
affect all of your future choices as you progress in character

Go here and read all the character class types to familiarize yourself:

Now decide what Tier 3 (T3) class you would like to be, we need to work
backwards here. Make a note of the T2 class that can become that T3
class as well as the Specialization. We will use this information to
work out what your T2 class needs to be as well as what your Attribute
priority should be.

So for an example, I have just started a new character so I can write
this as I build it up.

XXXXXXXX is my new character, I have decided to make him a Warden at
T3. So I started by writing down the requirements for Warden. Wardens
can come from T2 Shaman or Cleric class. Well, Clerics Primary
attribute is CON whereas a Warden's is DEX I already have a Cleric so I
choose Shaman as T2. Write those requirements down above the T3 info.
Now, A Scout's primary Attribute is also DEX and again, I don't have
any other Scouts, so I choose that for T1.

Now I know that DEX is my Primary attribute and CON is my secondary, now
we need to choose a tertiary, we don't really care about the 4th
attribute so much, but how do we choose the 3rd one? Well, I look at
the weapons lists in the shops and decide what I want my other weapons
to be. In this case, I choose INT. Why? Because the Warden class has
projection spells that do damage equal to your WARD. Holy spells
require CON and INT and they build ward while doing damage. Frost is
already a high penetration spell and the description for Shaman says
slow ward destruction, so I didn't think it would be necessary to take
Darkness to become a ward breaker so I don't need POW, so I make INT my
3rd attribute. This is what my character build sheet looks like:

Build Attributes - DEX CON INT

Scout Requires DEX 100 + CON, INT or POW 80

Shaman Requires DEX 200 + CON, INT or POW 160

Required Skills: Shadow 3, Lightning 3 or Frost 3

Warden Requires DEX 380 + CON 270

Required Skills:

Discipline R1

Ward R4

Spell Breaker R1

Tactician R2

Frost R4

Required Trials:



The Skills

Your skills are very important, they help you gain attributes and help
you level up. There are some skills that you should try to achieve as
early as possible before it becomes too difficult. Some of these skills
may be required for your class, some may not but they add the
all-important Hit Points or Spirit points - get them FAST now or over
weeks at a later time.

When you are below level 10, the max rank for a skill is R1:

Balance - When in combat, use equal Ward, Armor, Magic and Melee

Spirituality - Exhaust you opponent with 1 or 2 charms remaining

Iron Will - Use charms that give willpower

Courage - Win a PvP battle with a player 2 or more levels higher than

Heroism - Win a raid (dungeon) that is 2 or more levels higher than you

Burst - Take away over a third of an opponent's hit points in a single

No spirit bonus, bus very hard to get later on

Armor and Ward skills should be self-explanatory, they give HP bonuses.

Now depending on what time of day you started, you should have some
additional points to do some more arena fighting, so go ahead and burn
them all up.

Now we want to work our first job. For this character, I chose shop
helper since it has the 3 stats I'm most concerned with. Go ahead and
work an appropriate job for your stats now.

Now go to market and if you have saved the rat skin and rat hair from
the sewer dungeon (and got the right combo of random drop items), you
should be able to craft a rat hair cloak or 2 in the 'Fight with Art'
crafting hall. Go ahead, you know you want to... even though you can't
use it until level 3.

Also, if you have enough cash from Arena fights, you can go ahead and
buy some items from the charm bazaar in the market that coincide with
your primary weapon skill. I bought 2 Frost wands and replaced wooden
swords in my Attack and Defense decks.

If you completed all of this before 1 PM EST, then you can once again
delve into the sewer dungeon after the dungeon and move reset. You can
also go ahead and work again now. Note that more jobs have become
available. This will continue to happen as you level up. Whether you
choose the fast path or the slow path is up to you. If you choose fast,
you can choose jobs that level up skills you do not need for your T3
class and level faster by completing those skills and getting the bonus
stats. Using the slow path, you should avoid leveling those additional
NON-BATTLE skills* when possible until you reach your full 900/900
character development.

*EDIT: I would like to stress the fact that at low levels, it is
important to try leveling all of your BATTLE skills possible to at least
R1 and R2 when possible. Some of these battle skills are extremely
difficult to go back and level up when fighting higher level opponents
later on. In addition, some of these battle skill ranks are
prerequisite to using some of the better drops and crafted items. Don't
sell yourself short on weapon diversity before you start specializing
around level 15 or so.

**EDIT: Gathering is not important yet so don't waste any AP on it. I
am now writing Part 6 and there is still no need as of yet. I'll get to
it in my lessons once it becomes more important.

This concludes your first lesson in Estiah. Stay tuned for Part 2,
Leaving Inachis.

Howie Feltersnatch
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