Part 4: Back to Aleas

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Part 4: Back to Aleas

Post by Howie Feltersnatch on March 1st 2010, 1:10 pm

Welcome back for Part 4 in our tutorial, following in the footsteps of XXXXXXXXXXX!

When we left off, I told you to do 1 more raid, which I have just
completed. Now some PvP, I choose to play it safe this time to maximize
my Soul Dust gathering. Now we move back to Inachis, as I said in my
last post.

Sitting good at 26 Soul Dust now and back in Inachis, I sell off my junk
from inventory and pay a visit to the Dust Trader in the market.
Having previously purchased 1 Battle Ice Scroll, I will now add 4 more
to my collection, topping out at my 5 charm limit. I still have 2 Soul
Dust remaining but we can spend those later. Most importantly though, I
now have my good PvP items for my primary skill ready to go when I
reach Lvl 7 no matter where I'm at. Now, as always, we wait for the


OK, so I chose to work in Inachis as a Scribe for today since it
actually has the stats I need most. I gained a level and I'm now lvl 6 -
woo hoo! Since you gain a point of Spirit at level 6, go ahead and
adjust your gear now.

Moving right along, there's is no need to raid in Inachis, so let's go
ahead and move to Aleas. At this point, there is a special Christmas
dungeon for group raid lvl 5+ so I went ahead and did it for 15 AP - why
not - HO HO HO! I don't have enough AP to complete Bunny Nesting
Grounds dungeon yet, so for now I'm going to wait. Later tonight before
the 1 AM reset, I'll jump back on and raid. The we'll use the
remaining AP to do more PvP.

Quite a few AP now, so I raid the 2 fight Bunny Nesting Grounds - Got a
Yeti Fur cloak - woo hoo! If I can get 5 of these, it would be awesome
for building my balance skill. Now some PvP, I just stuck to other
Level 6 guys. Actually got some Spirituality out of it without trying.
Fought a few other savvy players who also know some tricks. Do not get
rid of your bunny raid items!!! We will use these for crafting when we
return to Inachis next. See you in the morning for another 2 raids!


Raided the Bunnies and entered the special Christmas golem match...
Yeah! Another Yeti cloak and another black bunny fur. Remember, keep
your bunny shwag - don't sell it. More PvP.

Brilliant! Did well in PvP - found a levle 8 guy with a 1413 rating so I
gave it a try. I got courage and a cheat death - woo hoo! I got
sprituality in another battle. Looking pretty good so far. Let's take a
look at my battle skills:

Frost - Lvl 1 (max until 10th Lvl)

Mace - Lvl 1 (max until 10th Lvl)

Armor - Lvl 1 (max until 10th Lvl)

Sword - Lvl 1 (max until 10th Lvl)

Ward - 72/100

Courage - 72/100

Twin Blades - 66/100

Lightning - 57/100

Spirituality - 33/100

Balance - 30/100

Survival - 24/100

Tactician - 24/100

Recklessness - 20/100

Shadow - 6/100

Cheat Death - 5/100

Self Defense - 5/100

So, notice I did level a few sword when I didn't want to and maxed it
out, also got a few points I wasn't trying for... It's really hard to
plan for this stuff because you never know exactly how it's going to
play out. Plus, we haven't really spent much money, so we're still
dealing with mostly items we didn't buy. Meh... your choice on how you
want to play it out. What happens happens, I want to stay miserly for
now and save my money to do these craftings in Inachis.


I raided both the santa golem again as well as the bunny nesting
grounds, followed by - yep - you guessed it, more PvP. We will stay put
and save our save the move until just before the reset again tomorrow.


Good morning!!! It's the day after Christmas and time to train! Guess
what I'm doing? RIGHT! A Raid on santa and the bunny nesting
grounds... You're getting pretty good at this now! Not too shabby,
another Yeti cloak! Farming balance is going to be sooooooo sweet now!
More on this in a second.

Before we farm though, let's take a second to review our inventory and
sell some junk. So exactly what is available in the 'Fight with Art'
craft shop that we can make and what do we need to save?

Cozy-Hilt Blade is a good level 5 sword:

Requires Black Bunny fur, so keep those.

Rodent's Bane is a good level 6 mace:

If you have any Rat Flails from your sewer runs earlier, this upgrade is
well worth it! You will need Black Bunny fur and Bunny fur, so also
keep the bunny fur you have.

Bunny Hood is the first cumulative Ward charm you can make and also very
decent for level 5, if that's what you'd like:

Requires Bunny Ears and Fur.

So on the save list: Bunny Fur, Bunny Ears and Black Bunny Fur -
everything else is gold so sell it. I also got a pretty unique pet with
the limited time Santa Golem, so I'll hold on to it for now also.
We'll get to pets in the next few days, so more on that when I get back
to the subject.

Now back to a Balance deck... I will make a new deck using slot 3 or 4
to stack an even 'balance' of charms. 1/4 each armor/ward/melee/magic -
I will name the deck Balance. Remember, dual rune cards count as 1 of
each so you can have a much better chance of surviving a balanced deck
duel when farming the skill.

Here is the deck I built:

21/21 charm slots

Bronze Helm x2

Spark Wand x2

Pair of Stone Swords x2

Shoulder Glyph x1

Small Glyph x1

Shadow Wand x1

Rat Flail x3

Frost Scroll x0

Yeti Fur Cloak x4

Bright Fire x4

Large Bone x1


Gear 'Balance' (21 charms)

Melee: 45 (12% P)

Magic: 46 (6% P)

Armor: 70

Ward: 51

Focus: 4 (24)

So as you can see, because of the dual rune charm Yeti Fur Cloak, I
have: 6 Armor/6 Ward/6 melee/7 Magic - BALANCE!

I will make this my primary Attack deck for now and... yep, PvP.
Looking for lowest level, lowest PvP scores - unless you are feeling
brave. Remember, we want to win so we can farm a skill, this is not a
Soul Dust collection run. If we happen to get Soul Dust from the lower
level opponents, all the better, but that's not the point here.

Just a note here on Balance skill. You do not actually need to get
skill points in all 4 categories, just deploy the charms equally.
Notice in the fight above that I got no Armor skill? That's because my
Armor skill is already maxed out at level 1 until 10th level. Also,
because of the randomness of charm deployment, you are not always
guaranteed that the cards will play out to give you that skill. Bonus:
Spirituality! Woo hoo!

Time for more PvP before I'm out of AP and then move to Inachis - don't
forget to move before the reset - Don't waste your move point!!!. See
you in Inachis after the reset.

See you in Part 5: The Trek to Zeal

Howie Feltersnatch
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