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Gold Bug

Post by lessigfan on October 14th 2011, 4:18 am

I stumbled across the beginnings of an unusual bug in how estiah updates your money. If you have two events going on simultaneously, both of which affect your gold, sometimes one event will wipe away the effect of the other.

I can't get it to work reliably, but I just got 5x FoTE for free on an alt. Here's how: I had two tabs running arena matches when I bought FoTE. One of the arena tabs checked my gold level at ~300k and was about to update it with my winnings to ~301k.

In the time it took the arena tab to do this, the 250k for FoTE was deducted. The arena didn't get my new balance of 50k before it updated me to 301k. Voila, free charms. I've gotten it to work occasionally when buying items from the market as well.

I'm going to test this some more before reporting it so I can say something more specific. My guess is that it has to do with the parallel nature of events - estiah seems to assume you're doing one thing at a time, and when you don't, its event queue can screw up. I think that's why - when you try to fight 2 dungeons simultaneously - it says you've done too many actions at the same time.

If you want to try and confirm the bug, install allinone so you have the auto-arena fight bit. Open a few tabs and run some arena fights. Open another tab to a market and buy a charm or item. I've been trying very low level enemies and very expensive items so I'm certain notice whether the bug worked or not.

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