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Viewing Other Game Subforums

Post by lessigfan on October 1st 2010, 8:20 am

The "Other Games" forum here contains several subsections.
- Other Games [parent folder]
-- Games w/o Forums [for other/unlisted games] - this is open to anyone who's been approved as a member of any group: Estiah, Duels OOBM/OOFM, etc.
-- Estiah
-- DoH
-- Sect
-- Khan Wars
-- Warstorm
-- CoH
If any other game gets sufficient interest, we can create another forum & group for that game.

Some monks didn't want updates from games they don't play, so all subforums are off by default, except "Games w/o Forums." If you want to see the the estiah, DoH, Aurora Blade, Chronicles of Herenvale, or Sect forums:
1. click "usergroups" on the navbar
2. select the forum you want to see
3. click "view information"
4. join up
You'll have to be approved, but these forums are open to anyone. If you aren't approved in a day or so, PM one of the admins, we can take care of it for you.

Also, we can give access to anyone. They need only create a forum login, and join whichever group is appropriate. They'll only be able to see "Greetings" (which even guests can see) and whatever group they've signed up for, the rest of the forums will remain hidden (except bar/off topic).

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