New Charms from August patch

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New Charms from August patch

Post by lessigfan on August 7th 2010, 4:15 am

A lot of these are really complicated. Some of the extra action charms are really novel, and might be useful. They're all level 37 & 38.

  • Villainous Fervor - tech, 6 cumul focus
  • Vengeful Aggression - tech, lose 40 life and do 40 magic damage

  • Voltaic Constriction - lightning, opponents with armor take 12-48 damage and their auras are reduced 1-4 turns
  • Sapping Floe - frost, lose 52 life, do 52 magic, 102 ward, target gets -102 melee
  • Infuriating Slap - fist, protect, melee, destroy armor/will
  • Riot Blade - shadow/sword, but useless - do melee damage, destroy ward, one-time magic buff
  • Alesian Halberd - spear, does melee, armor, lose 40 life, one-time AoE debuff
  • Antique Breastplate - ward/armor, adds armor/ward, protect if life is high
  • Essence Drain - buff, consumes 25 life, adds +25 to all players magic

  • Blood Aegis - armor/ward, extra action, lose 20 life, get 40 cumul ward & armor
  • Subjugate - will, extra action, adds will to you, destroys opponent will
  • Empathy - buff/summon, extra action, adds duration to banes & summons
  • Pacify - holy, extra action, consumes 1-3 will to reduce opponent summon duration by 1-3 rounds
  • Magic Shackles - debuff, extra action, losing 20 or 40 ward increases opponent bane duration by 1 or 2 turns
  • Seduction - spirit, extra action, losing 20 or 40 armor does 1 or 2 spirit
  • Barbed Throwing Axe - axe, melee damage, extra action if you have 3 will

Most aren't very impressive. The extra actions may have niche uses - axe for berserkers, seduction & shackles for inqs, etc - and they may not hurt to throw into a deck. The sapping floe seems pretty respectable. The drain is poor man's cleric/pyro AoE magic buff. The halberd is interesting, I don't know if the tradeoff is good enough outside of 4v4 guild battles.

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