Contest 30.5: Santa Golem is missing!!

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Contest 30.5: Santa Golem is missing!!

Post by Howie Feltersnatch on December 23rd 2011, 11:23 pm


After many sleepless nights, the children of Aleas have sadly concluded that Santa Golem is not coming this year... but the period for grieving is over! Throw the stale cookies and spoiled milk out the window and put on your thinking caps! We must find out what happened to Santa Golem!

You must tell me, and the youth of Aleas, what happened to Santa Golem! Acceptable entries include poems, short stories, comic strips, pictures, sound clips and movies. Entries will be judged on their creativity, with no preference given to either serious or silly. You can post your entry in this thread to show off, but you must email your entry to for it to count.

1) This contest is open to all players.

2) You may submit as many entries in as many formats as you want, but you can only win once.

3) Written entries must be in English (sorry, it's all I know).

4) No obscenity or pornography (this is a family holiday you sickos).

5) All entries must be received by the end of January 10th 2012. Winners will be announced, and prizes awarded, the following weekend.

6) Entries MUST be emailed to to be considered.

1st - 30 Phoenix Feathers (1 Winner)
2nd - 20 Phoenix Feathers (1 Winner)
3rd - 10 Phoenix Feathers (3 winners)
Honorable Mention - 6 Phoenix Feathers (Up to 7 worthy winners)

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