Level 51 Epic Summons

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Level 51 Epic Summons

Post by lessigfan on September 29th 2011, 9:26 pm

I got confirmation on how to get the new level 51 summons. Farm "Where We All Must Sup" in Wildhowl for the item Book: "Grallanís Elemental Guide". Use the book to get 5x Ritual of Binding. Technically you only need 3 in your deck, but you'll probably want all 5. Play the Ritual of Binding three times in a given fight to trigger the drops. Using these does make each fight harder, thanks to the stun, but so it goes.

Here are the fights & summons:

  • Get Kimaeb - terrific melee buff & damage - Northern Valley, Mark 5 Discovery Site in Triland
  • Get Tygann - nice melee debuff, drain, & spirit - Wave Worn Shoal, Mark 5 Discovery Site in Eversweep
  • Get Sutrenas - an amazing aura extender - Caldera of the Flame, Mark 5 Discovery Site in Draka
  • Get Aurora - amazing aura reducer & bane extender - Last fight of Unbound, the level 51 dungeon in Windscar

Tygann would be solid in a spirit deck, and Kimaeb in any melee deck, but Aurora & Sutrenas are stunningly, almost game-breakingly good.

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