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Blightwood Blade Discussion

Post by lessigfan on September 30th 2010, 11:47 pm

This was in the shoutbox, and I thought I'd preserve it here (spelling & grammar updated).

Shadowmirror wrote: I got some questions about the ongoing things... In L.44 Unearthed Horrors I found a charm "Blightwood Blade"
-6 to target's melee (ongoing)
[For each negative ongoing melee damage modifier on target]
2 Melee drain (20% P)

But I'm not sure how it works. If I use feetbind on an enemy, and then he used Night Cloak, his melee ongoing will be -9. If I then use Blightwood Blade on him, will he take 40 melee drain as -20 melee (14 + 6) ongoing or 30 as -15 melee (14 - 5 + 6) ongoing?

Faen wrote:He would take 30 drain (-14-6+5 = -15) and if he used cleanse he would be at 0 ongoing buff.
Blightwood blade is a great PVE charm, but not useful really at all in PVP.

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