24th Contest - Start your character anew with 20k APs

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24th Contest - Start your character anew with 20k APs

Post by lessigfan on August 31st 2010, 6:55 pm

This looks interesting, similar to the hardcore mode other veterans had been running on their own. Basically, you play your character on another server from level 1, and try to do stuff. Do stuff means max PvP rating, highest level, highest achievement points, gather unique charms, get the most gold, etc. Except you only get 20k APs, they don't regenerate, dungeons can only be played once, no class specialization, and you cannot work or move. You do get 4 or 5 teleport scrolls for each city and some potions that give -2 to 3 stats and +6 to the fourth.


Reroll Time!

Do you think you have been every corner of the lands of Estiah, vanquished the monsters in every dungeon, and collected every Charm? Now it's time to prove it by winning this very special contest we've prepared for you. To sum it up, we have just opened a temporary contest server where you are given 20,000 action points and are asked to show how far you can go with this! Whether you plan to be the mightiest warrior, the greatest explorer or the wealthiest merchant, you will find your own way to shine in this brand new world, and everybody is at the same start line. Now is the time to fight fair and square Smile

This contest is a little different from everything we've done so far, since it will take place on a new game server.

That's right, a new server will be opened for the duration of the contest, and your goal will be to try and go as far as you can before the end. However, the rules on this new server have been altered, meaning it will be a completely new game experience:

* You start with goodies - Players start the game at level 1 with 5000 gold, 20.000 action points, 4 or 5 of each scroll that allows to teleport to every city, and 8x potions of every attribute type that let you redistribute attributes.
* There are no daily reset - it means that work, move and item usage never reset. In fact, they can not be used even once.
* There are no AP ticks - You action points will never go up, so use what you have with care!
* Dungeons do not reset - You may only complete each dungeon once.
* You cannot change class - All the guild halls are closed.
* Some features are disabled - The coliseum, auction house and bounty hall will not work. In addition, pets races and fights will not be held, and public parties for dungeons will not start.
* The market is stable - The market rates within one city will never vary.
* The donation page is disabled - However, the Notepad and Damage Meter addons have been activated for everyone.

With these rules, time will no longer be an issue, but a careful planning and an optimal use of the resources at your disposal will be the true key.

The new server for the contest is located here: http://contest.estiah.com/

Note that you may not register directly on that server. However, all the characters with less than 1200AP on the live server have been automatically transferred there. You will be able to log on with them with the login and password used on the live server.

Victory conditions

The server will remain open until the last day of of September. Past that time, winners will be selected among those that have been the farthest in each of the following category.

Adventurer: Reach the highest level. In case of tie, the total amount of stats will be the deciding factor.
Achiever: Have the highest amount of achievement points
Fighter: Have the highest PvP rating [cap is 10k, not 2k]
Collector: Be the one with the highest amount of unique charms
Merchant: Have the highest amount of gold

The top 3 players in each category will win a prize. One player can only win once, so winning in a category will forfeit the others. Each winner will be awarded 30 Phoenix feathers, and a lv44 epic class card.

Good luck!

Contest tip: There is no need to rush, the first ones to use their AP will not necessarily the ones to win. Also, while you can use everything you have very quickly, do not hesitate to spread your resources over multiple game sessions.

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