Different Estiah Banners

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Different Estiah Banners

Post by lessigfan on July 30th 2010, 10:18 am

Across the estiah forums, I've noticed a few estiah banner generators, and I thought I'd share. For two of them, you'll need to know your ID number. To get your ID number, go to the guild "members" page, find yourself in the list, right-click and copy the link location. It is the last set of numbers. Alternately, you can get it from the game's built-in banner generator.

Standard game generated banner:

To get your own, click "account" in estiah and generate banner.

Game generated banner + avatar image + HP & SP:

To get your own, just add your ID number to this URL: http://bubble-hearth.appspot.com/estiah/ , e.g.

Less fancy, but far more informative banner:

To get your own, just add your ID number to this URL: http://www.disasterzone.net/~h4ngedm4n/estiah/EstiahBanner/cache/banner/ , e.g.

The last banner is cool because you can generate banners for any player, not just yourself, if you know their ID. Plus, you can see a list of generated banners, which is fun, and all the code used to generate these banners.

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Re: Different Estiah Banners

Post by Howie Feltersnatch on August 9th 2010, 1:05 am

Speaking of different Estiah banners, anyone handy with photoshop want to fix the Estiah OOFM banner?

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