Unofficial Contest - win Phoenix Feathers

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Unofficial Contest - win Phoenix Feathers

Post by lessigfan on July 22nd 2010, 5:35 pm

Not sure how many of you have seen this, but Slalderma is running a contest for the best fight replays:

I want to see the most stylish replays in all of Estiah.

The fights that are close, that have funny charms or
different themes, losses even! Whatever is cool or funny or quirky or
courageous will be rewarded. Any dungeon, any fight, even PvP fights
are accepted submissions. Whatever replay I can view you can submit!

challenge is open to players of all levels, in a couple groupings-

Levels 21-40
Levels 41-49
Levels 50+

I'll reward 10 Phoenix Feathers to first place
in each category and 5 Phoenix Feathers
to a runner up. The winner will be determined by me, at my sole
discretion, based on a number of vaguely defined characteristics of your
posted replays. One entry per real player (no alt spam please);
minimum posting will be a link of your replay. Additional points
awarded for any descriptive setup you provide in your post.

addition, I'm offering one 15 Phoenix
prize to a special set of entries - take your fight
replay, post it, and then write up a descriptive story about the fight.
It can be a blow-by-blow account of how the charms get played, a short
story of the fight itself, a limmerick, whatever best represents in a
verbal way what happened in your fight.

The contest will be open
through August 15th. Post
submissions here or ask questions.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

contest is in the same vein as this one-


Multiple replays will be admitted in
your submission if you use them very VERY creatively. But it's
still one submission and must tie together thematically. Posting a
couple replays of BumblingTom the Adventurer and his failures across
Estiah is fine. Posting BumblingTom and CourageousSue replays with no
obvious (or stated) tie between them will count as two submissions and
I'll pick the worst of the two you submit (because you can't read).

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