23rd Contest (spoilers)

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23rd Contest (spoilers)

Post by Tabernacle on July 17th 2010, 12:41 pm

Poached from my alt's forum:

This is the quest the 23rd contest is for. It's quite lengthy and involved, but some of the rewards come early. I'll spoil up to that part of the quest now- you can attempt the steps beyond that on your own if you like, otherwise I'll post spoilers whenever the contest is over. The dungeon Kysin Keep is part of the quest, but comes much later.

List of crap you will need to complete the whole quest

  • Level 47. It's recommended that you be higher level than this, but 47 is the bare minimum.
  • 372 pow / 372 dex. You will most likely want all your stats over 300 but these two are necessary.
  • The Ancient Languages R1 academy skill, takes 4 days to complete, requires History R1 and Foreign Languages R1
  • History R1 job skill takes 10 days to complete and requires Literacy R1
  • Foreign Languages R1 academy skill takes 4 days to complete and requires Literacy R1
  • Literacy R1 academy skill takes 4 days to complete
  • A bunch of charms that I can't spoil yet.

All these skills can be done in Zeal, which is the most convenient place to work them.

These things are NOT necessary if you just want the first rewards: the new charms that require petrified dragon eggs.

Actual questline steps in the next post (for easier reading and to allow easier editing later- this is a long quest)

Step 1 summary

  • Run Lair of the Artificer and get the Artificer's Strongbox that drops from fight 4
  • Go to Windscar and buy Ymar's Dresser
  • Go to Inachis, run River's Edge for the Captain's Necklace from fight 2
  • Gather in Inachis to find Ymar's Furniture Shop, craft an eyeless nave using the dresser and use it with the necklace to get a key.
  • Open the box and get some notes that are clues for the next step.
  • KEEP THE BOX AND THE NECKLACE AS WELL AS THE NOTES- you need them again for other steps.

Step 2 Summary

  • Get a Fake Philosopher's Stone and gather in Lumina. You'll find the Corridor of Obfuscation.
  • Buy another nave with the stone, use the nave to get a key, and use the key to get more notes and some journals.
  • Keep the box and necklace. You may throw away the old notes (1-3) but keep the new ones.

Step 3 summary

  • Get a Small Spider Egg and an Unhatched Chimera Egg
  • Gather in Skyrift to discover Artificer's Island: Spider Gate
  • It's you against 5 mini-astroblades. Use a frost or fist gear just like in Lair 2. Gloom Knell or Strength of Windscar help tremendously if you have them.
  • Gather in Skyrift to discover Artificer's Island: Chimera Gate

This is the fight with the new achievement. Basically, play a gear composed of Twinblade, Lightning, Frost, Fist, Holy, or Axe, either one rune alone or in combination. My gear was a mix of twinblade/Lightning/Axe/Holy, but try whatever you're best with first.

Keep the drop you get from the Chimera Gate.

Step 4 summary

  • Go to Triland and gather to discover Seylin's Terraforming Site.

It's you versus a 9000 Hp dragon and a copy of High Priestess of Rya'ball from Murder of Prelex 2. Playing vita runes will reduce all opponents' magic, playing kata runes will place a high damage bane on the enemy, and playing support runes will reduce the dragon's ongoing melee. The priestess will exhaust herself quickly. The dragon will lose 100 life for each rune you have played, but then heal himself to full life in the next turn. You need to play at least 90 runes so he kills himself, so play lots of dual rune charms. Aside from the vita/kata/support runes, the remainder of your gear should be defense.

Beating this fight gives you a Petrified Dragon Egg


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Re: 23rd Contest (spoilers)

Post by Telamon on July 23rd 2010, 12:04 am

More Spoilers! Found through Googling, which found the link to pastebin.


Merton's new Kysin Keep quest is so unbearably awful that nobody should be forced to puzzle through it. The oblique, ill worded and just flat out plain wrong clues along with cheap gimmick fights combine to form a cesspool of awfulness which really has no place in an otherwise good game. Listed below are a list of spoilers for rank 1 and the first part of rank 2 of Archaeological Adventurer with more to follow as and when I discover them, I hope you find them of use.

--An anonymous benefactor.

Step 1.1:
* Buy a [Ymar's Dresser] in Windscar.
* Beat Lair of the Artificer Fight 4 to get an [Artificer's Strongbox].

Gather in Inachis to find Ymarís Furniture Shop and get your first 20 points of Archaeological Adventurer. (20/100)

Step 1.2:
* Buy or find a Fake Philosopher's Stone.
* Beat River's Edge to get a [Captain's Necklace].
* Use the Strongbox to craft the [Emerald-Eyed Nave] in Ymar's Furniture shop.
* Use the Nave (requires the Necklace for usage) to obtain [Artificerís Access Key: Level 1].
* Use the Access Key to open the Strongbox to get [Artificerís Note 1], [Artificerís Note 2], [Artificerís Note 3].

Gather in Lumina to discover The Corridor of Obfuscation (shop) and get your next 20 points of AA. (40/100)

Step 1.3:

* Use the Fake Philosopher's Stone in the Corridor of Obfuscation shop to craft [Eyeless Nave].
* Use the Eyeless Nave (again requres the Necklace) to obtain [Artificerís Access Key: Level 2].
* Use the new Access Key to open the Strongbox even further and get [Artificerís Note 4], [Artificerís Note 5], [Artificerís Journal 1], [Artificerís Journal 2], and [Artificerís Journal 3].
* Run Cursed Forest until you get a [Small Spider Egg].
* Go to Skyrift and gather to discover Artificerís Island: Spider Gate and get 5 more points of AA. (45/100)

Step 1.4:
* Beat Spider Gate and obtain [Scrap Metal] (grey junk item?)
- Gloom Knell is key, lots of Banes (Poisonous Fog, Contagion, Ghyzochrome Enabler, etc)
* Gather with an [Unhatched Chimera Egg] to discover Artificerís Island: Chimera Gate and get 5 more AA points. (50/100)

Step 1.5:
* Beat Chimera Gate to obtain [Scrap Metal] and [Clockwork Positioning System]
- This fight sucks. You need to identify the mystery auras and then strike the right balance of crap vendor charms based on rune type.
* Travel to Triland and gather with the [Clockwork Positioning System] to discover Seylinís Terraforming Site and get more AA points. (55/100)

Step 1.6:
* Beat Seylin's Terraforming Site to receive a [Petrified Dragon Egg]
- Another stupid rune-counting fight with no regard for actual charm effects. The Dragon hurts himself for each Rune you've played or discarded, so just stack your deck with dual-rune charms of the appropriate type and pad with self-Spirit to accelerate his emo cutting.
* Take the [Petrified Dragon Egg] back to Skyrift and gather to discover Artificer's Island: Stone Dragon Gate and earn 5 more AA points. (60/100)

Step 1.7:
* Beat Dragon gate to receive [Sapphire-Eye Nave]
- This one sucks less than the others, but meh. Identify the right runes, and pad with Aura Reducers.
- Alternatively, DKs can use a long Blightwood deck.
* Use the [Sapphire-Eye Nave] (again requres the Necklace) to obtain [Artificer's Access Key: Level 3]
* Use the new Access Key to open the Strongbox even further and get [Artificerís Note 6], [Artificerís Note 7], [Artificerís Journal 8], [Artificerís Journal 4], [Artificer's Journal 5], and [Artificerís Journal 6].
* Beat Glowing Cave in Eclis with Kyud's Unstable Staff in your deck to get an [Amber-Eye Nave] and another 20 AA Points. (80/100)

Step 1.8:
* Use the new Nave (still requires the Necklace) to obtain [Artificer's Access Key: Level 4]
* Use the new Key (still requires the Strongobx) to obtain [Artificerís Note 9], [Artificerís Note 10], [Artificerís Journal 11], [Artificerís Journal 7], [Artificer's Journal 8], [Artificerís Journal 9], and [Councilor's Signet Ring].
* The Signet Ring has a usage requirement of Ancient Languages R1, and the reward is 5 of each Pebble, a charm: [url=http://progenitor-softworks.com/ew/index.php?title=Hand_of_Salamath]Hand of Salamath (which says 1/5 when you get it, so there must be a way to get 4 more), an [Activated Signet Ring], and the last 20 points of AA R1. (100/100)

Step 1.9-ish: (can be completed early)

* Beat Rooftop Rush to obtain [Guild Missive]
* Emote the word "hire" to bot player Kenley to obtain [Ace of Pens]
* Gather in Eclis to discover Kenley's Club (shop)
* The books you can buy give you clues for AA R2, but since this list is spoiling it all for you, you don't actually need them.

Step 2.1:
* Take a [Fleeting Dream] to Zeal and gather to find Straits of the Lost and get your first 20 points of AA R2. (20/180)

Step 2.2
* Make a 15-charm shortdeck of nothing but Restore Faith, Dawn's Melody, and Obstination. Auto-win. Bask in the stupidity. Also, you get an [Engraved Signal Shutter].
* Take a [Phoenix Ash] to Eversweep and gather to find The Sheltering Jetty and get 20 more points of AA R2. (40/180)

Step 2.3
* Shortdeck The Sheltering Jetty with Pure Heart, Consecrated Soil, and Poisonous Fog


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