Ironman Speed Challenge

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Ironman Speed Challenge

Post by Howie Feltersnatch on May 24th 2010, 12:38 pm

I was PMed this from a guy i was trying to recruit. It seemed like it could be interesting if you were bored with your multiple level 50 characters.

players wishing to experience the game from a completely different
perspective, one option is to impose a set of self-restrictions to take
the challenge to a different level. The ironman challenge takes its
roots from the classic Rogue adventure game, where a player continually
descended into a dungeon with no means of resupply, only living off what
was given by the game. Later, in Diablo and then in Torchlight, players
were also able to impose similar restrictions, going through the game
once instead of repeating levels. Enemies and bosses that were killed
were considered "permadead", instead of being farmed for desirable
drops. The speed component is inspired by speed
gaming, where the objective was to perform certain tasks and/or beat
a game in the quickest time possible. Combined, in Estiah, the closest
implementation would be a one-time-through play of a character from
start to its maximum point of development, ideally level 50.

the ideal setting, players would be restricted to dungeon drops alone,
but this is unlikely to progress far due to game mechanics. In order to
address this problem, players will have the option of purchasing vendor
charms, and exchanging token drops for charms. Ideally, players would be
unable to repeat earlier parts of a partially complete dungeon.
However, due to the fact that dungeons will reset completely even when
partially complete, it is up to each individual player to not exploit
this potential loophole. Finally, it would have been ideal to restrict
PVP completely, but since several T3 classes require PVP skills, it was
unavoidable but to allow PVP for the development of character skills


1. Roll a new character.
2. Maintain a
character sheet in this thread.
3. Play the character according to
ironman rules*.
*Feel free to adjust the
rules to your liking, but note it in the character sheet.

your character as much as possible, and try to complete as many dungeons
as possible under the established ruleset. (changed from original
objective, reach level 50 and clear all dungeons in the shortest time

* * *
You may not clear each dungeon more than once. * * *


(per Joehai's post)
1. You may not gather.
You may not exchange pvp gems for pvp shop items.
3. You may not
regular craft*.
*token drops are ok,
clarification #3.
4. You may not exchange ghp at the guild
5. If a dungeon is not complete by reset, it stays
6. Anything else that is not forbidden, is allowed.
1. You may not
run event sites more than once.
2. You may not
exchange ghp at the guild showcase.
3. Anything else that is not
forbidden, is allowed.

1. In
the character sheet, replace token drops with the redeemed item in the
post, for readability. Write Black Sealing Orb instead of Renegade Coin,
for example.
2. Items such as these are considered crafting
, because their craft recipes require other materials to
Black Bunny Fur, Wind Catalyst, Sheypar Family Crest, Orb of Illusions, Icecloud Relic, Earth Dragon Bone, Dark Claw
3. Items such as these are considered token
, because they are exchanged directly for items:
Renegade Coin, Shattered Summoning Relic, Heavy Sylan Figurine, Pulsing Soul Orb, Alchemist Insignia, Mark of Unity
4. These items are left to player
choice because they are in the grey area between crafting
and token drops:
Vial of Hyphine (Weapon Enchanter), Typhoon Catalyst (Eclisian Black Market), statue
5. Things not forbidden include: arena, auction house,
coliseum, pvp fights, etc.

Exit Strategy
Once your character has
progressed to the point where you feel that it can no longer develop,
feel free to "permadeath" your character, and note the date of the
character's death, or departure from ironman rules (if you wish to
convert the character into a normal one).

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