Part 3: Sewer Cleaner and Focus Lessons

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Part 3: Sewer Cleaner and Focus Lessons

Post by Howie Feltersnatch on March 1st 2010, 1:08 pm

Welcome back! Time for the 3rd installment and the lessons for the next
few days.

Last time, we ended our lesson with returning to Inachis. Now that the
reset has occurred at 1 AM, we should be able to complete our 5th run on
the sewers now. But first, I want you to go look at your skills and
you will see a tab for Renown - this is where you earn your titles and
can review your progress. Every run through the sewers has granted you a
total of 20 points toward the Sewer Cleaner goal. At this point, you
will see you are at 80%. Let's go ahead and finish this, raid the sewer
dungeon for your last time now.

Congrats to you! Sewer Cleaner Rank 1! No title is associated with
this so you still can't change your name/title, that will come later.
However, you are now 500 Gold richer for the experience. By now, you
should know the drill: Craft a Rat cloak if you have the materials. I
would like to note at this time that you have probably noticed that
there is a limit of 5 charms of any single type. Sell any excess rat
hair and rat skin you have now, they ar no longer of any use. Also take
a few minutes to update your decks to include any new equipment you
picked up that's better than the default starting gear.

Alas, it is time to leave Inachis once again as there is nothing else
for us here. I have 87 Action points (let's start calling them AP)
waiting to be spent, but we have to wait until 1 PM to move on to
Eversweep for our first time. See you back here after the reset.

As an optional task, you may have noticed that you have Bloodsucking
Fleas and possibly a stray hamster in your inventory. If you choose,
you can adopt one of these as a pet and start entering pet races and/or
battles. If you do adopt a pet, you will need to care for it as often
as possible by feeding it. I will be writing a guide to Pets as a
separate section at a later date concerning this topic. If you proceed
now, you're on your own to experiment until I have the time to write the
guide. I will sell all of mine to clean my inventory and take the gold

RESET - Work your job of choice before or after the move to Eversweep -
keep in mind that there aren't very many options available still, so it
doesn't really matter this early. I continue to choose a job that
offers no skill.

Now in Eversweep, go ahead and raid the next dungeon - the Level 4 High
Summoner's study. Please read the text and pay attention to the lesson,
this is where you find out how important FOCUS charms are when fighting
multiple opponents. Provided you check your deck and make sure it's
updated, you shouldn't have any trouble with this one provided you take
out all Armor and add some Warding.

When you finish that, do some PvP. Once again, I want to build my
Courage skill early on, So I went after some level 6 people with the
lowest PvP scores and I won 4 of my battles. My Courage skill is now up
to 66. When it reaches 100, I get another Spirit point and then I will
start training Spirituality.

Once again, sell off any shwag except your Soul Dust. You are welcome
to visit the charms Bazaar if you really want to buy some level 2 gear
but I recommend against it as you'll be level 5 soon (unless you built
more skills than I am doing, in which case, you already are level 5).
For me, I will wait to buy anything because there may be some better
drops tomorrow when I do the dungeon again.

Later tonight, I will probably do some more PvP.

- Night now

OK, some more PvP. I decided to work on my warding and armor skills
tonight while picking up some Soul Dust. I took my defense deck and
packed it with all defenses. Check this out:

Your gear used in this fight :

Worn Leather Chest (3)

Small Glyph (3)

Rat Cloak (5)

Shoulder Glyph (1)

Bronze Helm (4)

Pair of Stone Swords (2)

Leather Pants (1)

Protect (1)

- Morning now

Welcome back once again, time to raid again... If you don't know the
drill by now, you need help so contact me please. Now let's go get
another focus card form the High Summoner!

Once again, I blew through all 3 battles easily and I have 62 AP
remaining. Now I have a dilemma... Do I do some PvP now or not? Why
is this a dilemma you may ask? Well, let me talk you through and
explain a few things about maximizing.

So there are 3 Fights in the summoner's study, right? That takes 45 AP
(assuming you blow through it). The reset is at 1 PM EST. I want to go
to Aleas to do the Lvl 6 Bunny Nesting grounds, but I can only move 1
city at a time. But what I don't want to do is spend any time in
Inachis because there is nothing there for me. So my plan is to stay in
Eversweep until after I do my raid tomorrow, then move to Inachis just
before tomorrow's move reset.

I will go into more detail below, but here is the plan's outline to
maximize my PvP:

1) I spend all my AP on PvP.

2) Later tonight, I work, do a another raid and more PvP in Eversweep.
3) Tomorrow morning, raid again, PvP and then move to Inachis (since we
still haven't moved).

4) Buy stuff with Soul Dust in Inachis as preparation for reaching Lvl
7, when we can use it.

5) After the move reset, work and then move on to Aleas to kill some
Yeti in the Bunny Nesting grounds!

So now I do some PvP as mentioned above in step 1. First, I check my
Battle skills to see what I need:

Frost - Lvl 1 (max until 10th Lvl)

Mace - Lvl 1 (max until 10th Lvl)

Armor - Lvl 1 (max until 10th Lvl)

Sword - 86/100

Courage - 66/100

Ward - 40/100

Twin Blades - 30/100

Lightning - 22/100

Balance - 20/100

Tactician - 12/100

Self Defense - 5/100

Recklessness - 4/100

Spirituality - 3/100

OK, looks like I need to work on Tactician, one of my T3 Class Required
skills (Required Lvl 2). And if you think back to our first lesson, We
also want to work on Balance, Ward and Spirituality.

Just so I could work a few things out for this guide, I wasted a few PvP
battles trying to work out a few things to help you along.
Unfortunately, I forgot you can do PvP in skirmish mode to test out
your decks, so let's talk about skirmish mode first.

When you do PvP, right below your drop-down to select the deck you use
is a radio button for skirmish mode. Skirmish mode is used for testing
yourself out against other players. It cost no AP, but if you win, you
get nothing in return. I should have done that... Oh well. What I was
trying to work out was if it was feasible to start trying to train
spirituality yet - it is not. Too many players at this level have not
yet maxed out their deck capacity, so we'll get back to that, you'll
understand why later.

So moving on, let's change our PvP deck a little to work on Balance.

Since Mace is maxed out already, let's keep that so I can avoid sword
for now. To do balance, you should try to have a deck that has 1/4 each
- melee, magic, armor and ward. This is the deck I setup:

20/20 charm slots

Small Ice Wand x1

Pair of Stone Swords x2

Rat Flail x3

Large Bone x1

Frost Wand x5

Shoulder Glyph x1

Small Glyph x3

Bronze Helm x4


Gear 'PvP' (20 charms)

Melee: 45 (12% P)

Magic: 29 (36% P)

Armor: 44

Ward: 35

Time to go beat up some lvl 3-5 dudes in PvP. If you played around with
skirmish mode, be sure to turn it back off.

I won 3 of 4, got Balance twice and Spirituality once. Not too bad...
Remember, it's not about winning all the time, it's about working on
your skills still. If you want to win every time, take out some of the
ward and armor and put in your most damaging weapons to beat up on dudes
with low PvP scores that are the same level as you. You could go lower
level, but for every level below your own, there is an increasing
chance you will not get Soul Dust.

I'm out AP for now, so sell off your crap and come back after the reset.


I have 45 AP so I went ahead and did another Raid, sold off my crap and
checked my deck. It's only 4 PM so if I happen to log on tonight, I
will do some more PvP and focus on Ward and Tactician. To earn
Tactician requires using charms with High penetration - you know, that
(xx% P) at the end of your charm's damage number. What is this? I
forgot to explain this earlier? My bad. That number is the percent of
damage that bypasses all ward or armor. High penetration items are Twin
Blades and Frost (maybe lightning also, but maybe not - play around and

Tomorrow morning do 1 more Raid, some PvP (use all your AP) and then
move back to Inachis. Once In Inachis, we will continue this in Part 4:
Back to Aleas

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